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Storyline for Partridge film nearly complete

Rob Gibbons, one of the co-writers of “next-gen Alan” along with Neil Gibbons, Armando Iannucci and Steve Coogan has revealed on Twitter that the storyline for the Partridge feature film is nearly complete. He follows that up with a mention that the next on the list is Mid Morning Matters series 2, presumably for Sky:

RobGibbons_ Rob Gibbons
Storyline for Partridge film almost there. Going into lockdown with @neilgibbons, @aiannucci and SC next week to finally nail it

RobGibbons_ Rob Gibbons
Week after, we move onto Mid Morning Matters 2. #decent

Which leaves us (me) wondering what it was being filmed in Norwich last month. Was it Mid Morning Matters series 2, the film, or given the proximity to Christmas did it relate to the announced festive special?