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Breaking News: Sky Atlantic acquire rights to Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge!

News just in from Broadcast is that Sky Atlantic are set to acquire the TV rights for Mid Morning Matters, and possibly other future Coogan projects.

The deal includes the first series of Mid Morning Matters, re-cut into six 30-minute episodes, the in-production series two and a one-off Christmas special. There is also talk of further “new Partridge and non-Partridge series”.

This is a surprise, previous reports had suggested the BBC was the most likely to acquire the rights, but we recently reported that the BBC deal was looking unlikely.

Sky Atlantic is a subscriber-only channel, meaning without a Sky dish are out of luck for now. Currently Sky Atlantic is not available through cable TV providers such as Virgin Media, although this may change in future.

The decision to sell to Sky is perhaps a surprising move given Steve Coogan’s well-publicised dislike for the Murdoch empire. Coogan, a victim of phone-hacking attempts and repeated invasions of privacy by the tabloid press has previously spoken out about the News Corp hacking-gate saga. However such issues do not seem to have got in the way of commercial decision making at Baby Cow as the recent Partridge autobiography was another Murdoch product, published by News Corp subsidiary HarperCollins.

For those with Sky it will be interesting to see how it translates to TV. For those without there are at least still the fantastic online versions to watch!

Personally, I’m gutted, we just cancelled our Sky subscription in protest at News Corp and swapped to Virgin Media!